Catalyst Trading Company business practices will be governed by integrity, honesty, fairness and with full compliance to all applicable laws.  

Having a Code of Business Conduct assists to ensure that anybody connected to the business operates in a way that makes sure that we establish and maintain behaviors and standards minimum as described in the headings.

All parties attached to the business should always be guided by the following basic principles:

  • avoid any conduct that could damage or risk Catalyst Trading Company or its reputation;
  • act legally and honestly;
  • put the Company's interests ahead of personal or other interests.


We respect the law at all times

Catalyst Trading Company and its employees are bound by the law. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations must never be compromised.


We will always act in the best interests of Catalyst Trading Company

A Conflict of Interest occurs when personal interests of an employee or the interests of a third party compete with the interests of Catalyst Trading Company. All shareholders and investors shall avoid Conflicts of Interest whenever possible and shall not compete with the Company.

They shall not take personal advantage of business opportunities that they discover during the course of their employment, unless the business expressly waives its interest in pursuing such opportunity.


We believe in free competition

Catalyst Trading Company is prepared to compete successfully in today’s business environment and will always do so in full compliance with all corporate responsibilities as determined by the respective laws and government directives. Therefore Catalyst Trading Company policy and prices will never be agreed, formally or informally, with competitors or other non-related parties, whether directly or indirectly.


We value, protect and respect the confidential information of our business and do so for all other attached parties.

Confidential information is any information that is not or not yet public information. It includes trade secrets, business, marketing and financial plans, ideas, new product developments and designs and any non-published financial or other data.

Catalyst Trading Company respects that third parties have a similar interest in protecting their confidential information. In case third parties, such as joint venture partners, suppliers or customers, share with Catalyst Trading Company confidential information, such information shall be treated with the same care as if it was Catalyst Trading Company confidential information.


We condemn any form of bribery and corruption

No shareholder, investor or employees of Catalyst Trading Company must never, directly or through intermediaries, offer or promise any personal or improper financial or other advantage in order to obtain or retain a business or other advantage from a third party, whether public or private. Nor must they accept any such advantage in return for any preferential treatment of a third party. Moreover, employees must refrain from any activity or behavior that could give rise to the appearance or suspicion of such conduct or the attempt thereof.

Employees should be aware that the offering or giving of improper benefits in order to influence the decision of the recipient, even if he or she is not a government official, may result in criminal charges. Improper benefits may consist of anything of value for the recipient.

Shareholders, investors and employees must be aware that election laws in many jurisdictions generally prohibit political contributions by corporations to political parties or candidates. Catalyst Trading Company has adopted a policy not to make such contributions

Shareholders, investors or employees may only offer or accept reasonable meals and symbolic gifts which are appropriate under the circumstances, and they shall not accept or offer gifts, meals, or entertainment if such behavior could create the impression of improperly influencing the respective business relationship.

No shareholder, investor or employee shall offer to or accept from any third party gifts taking the form of any of the following, whatever the value involved:

  • money
  • loans
  • kickbacks
  • similar monetary advantages.



Any failure to comply with this Code may result in disciplinary action, including the possibility of dismissal and, if warranted, legal proceedings or criminal sanctions.


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